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About Parts Geek

Have you been frustrated searching for auto parts for your broken car? As we all know, car parts are known to be expensive. Even worse, it is hard to find cause there are dozens of new car types launched every year. However, worry not. Parts Geek may help.

Parts Geek Review: About Parts Geek

So, Parts Geek is a one-stop shop for auto parts and accessories specifically for cars. They have a vast selection of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) ranging from air filters and brake hoses to wheels. Complete!

One thing that stands out from this company is that they have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau(BBB) and got a perfect A+ score. Their eBay store has 1.8M items sold and 4.4/5 overall ratings. Impressive, right?

Further, we guess you are now in the middle of your curiosity to know whether this company is legit. Thus, we suggest you read this Parts Geek review to find the answer. Let’s get started!

Overview of Parts Geek

Jon Sinclair is the president of Parts Geek, LLC. Marked as a dealer alternative, this company started its business in 2008. More than 10 million auto parts are in their collections and are the same quality as you buy from official brands.

However, the twist part comes from the product’s price. In Parts Geek, you can get the exact product at 80% OFF the retail price. Thus, it isn’t surprising that they receive countless positive customer feedback.

Offering a comprehensive domestic and import product in their catalog, this company often uses manufacturers and other third parties to fulfill the orders. However, don’t worry! They sell original OEM & aftermarket replacement car parts. No fake products!

Nevertheless, you must be curious about ‘How can they sell them at a lower price?’. First, they aren’t new in the business. So, they have a solid relationship with the supplier. Above all, they sell large volumes, which gives them smooth cash flow.

Parts Geek Reviews

This company currently sells 2 types of spare parts. It is OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer and aftermarket products. Some may look for OEM products cause of the high quality, but some may feel right with the aftermarket cause it is way cheaper.

Parts Geek Reviews: Parts Geek Reviews

Speaking of their collection, this company offers over 10 million auto parts and accessories for cars of various brands, from Honda, Hyundai, Nexus, and more. If you want to know the details of their collection, click the list below.

Parts Geek Collections

Further, we will review their 3 best-selling items in detail. Then, if you want to know the details, please stay tuned to this review and scroll to the next section!

Parts Geek K&N Air Filter Reviews

As we all know, the air filter is one of the most crucial things we must take care of. However, purchasing one typically costs thousands. Fret not! This K&N Air Filter is an affordable, excellent air filter you are looking for in your Honda Civic car.

Parts Geek Review: Parts Geek K&N Air Filter Reviews

Moreover, this spare part is designed to boost horsepower and has a high airflow with exceptional filtration. Thus, your air filter will perform best like a new car. Say no to a potential engine break!

K&N Air Filter Details

  • Reusable and washable
  • It lasts up to 50K miles before cleaning
  • Condition: New
  • Color: Red
  • Shipping Option: Free Ground Shipping

If you have an air filter problem, don’t hesitate to get an alternative from this company. Accordingly, you can purchase this K&N air filter at $64.99. Enjoy!

Parts Geek Dorman Wheel Reviews

No car can even work without the wheel. Thus, we know how frustrated you are when your wheel has a problem. Hyundai owner gathered up! Let’s check out Dorman Wheel now.

Parts Geek Review: Parts Geek Dorman Wheel Reviews

This Dorman Wheel has been undergoing dynamic testing, such as radial run-out testing and axial run-out testing. Hence, it is no wonder that this wheel’s performance is top-notch. Prevent you from never-ending service!

Dorman Wheel Details

  • Built-in USA
  • Condition: New
  • Finish: Painted
  • Dimensions: 15×6
  • Shipping Option: Ground

Likewise, are you ready to have reliable wheels for every terrain? If yes, then going with the high-quality wheel is the key. Dorman Wheel is one of them, so purchase this wheel now at $64.97!

Parts Geek Front Bosch Wiper Blade Set Reviews

The wiper blade helps ensure the driver’s seat has a clear vision, whether on rainy or dusty days. Thus, this is one of the essential points of a car we must take care of. Fortunately, if you are a Mercedes owner, Front Bosch Wiper Blade Set exists.

Parts Geek Review: Parts Geek Front Bosch Wiper Blade Set Reviews

This windshield washer has a dual rubber compound with a graphite coating. It is perfect for the longevity of the products. Thus, you don’t need to purchase another replacement part or a new one periodically.

Front Bosch Wiper Blade Set Details

  • Hassle-free installation
  • Better windshield contact
  • Condition: New
  • Blade Type: Beam
  • Shipping Option: Ground

Further, never underestimate the wiper blade. Purchase it with high quality in mind. Thus, take this set of wiper blades now. It costs only at $29.97. Extra affordable, isn’t it?

Parts Geek Pros and Cons

To ensure this review is unbiased, we will reveal the pros and cons of this company. We hope it can help you in deciding whether to go for them.


  • Massive selections
  • OEM and aftermarket products
  • High-quality material
  • Affordable prices
  • Fast shipping
  • 30-day return policy
  • Easy-to-order website
  • Responsive customer service
  • Positive consumer reports


  • Only ships to the continental 48 of the United States
  • Only certain items are eligible for free shipping

Who Is Parts Geek For?

Parts Geek is dedicated to every car owner. The reason lies in the fact that they sell numerous car auto parts. What’s best is that they have a considerable collection with vast stocks, enough for everyone looking for specific auto parts for their car.

Moreover, they are also perfect for all budget-conscious customers. Thanks to their low price tag, which is 80% OFF the usual retail price. At this rate, repairing a car isn’t daunting anymore.

Parts Geek Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Accredited A+ by BBB and getting 567K reviews on the website, aren’t you curious about what makes this company receive such significant recognition from many people? Thus, to help you find the answer, we will bring the customer review to this article. Check it out!

Parts Geek Review: Parts Geek Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

One review from Yelp said:

Parts Geek is legit. I ordered and received a brake rotor for less than half the cost, and I got them within 3 days. The mechanic said that the products are of good quality. Highly recommend!

From the review above, this customer implies that he is happy with his purchase. He said he got his selected product at half price, and the products arrived quickly. Most of all, the products have proven to be of high quality.

Another review from Reddit said:

I have used the product from PartsGeek several times. So far, I had no issues with PartsGeek quality, and their price is competitive.

The review above said he had already purchased many products from this company and had no issues. He also mentions that the quality is excellent and the price is affordable.

So, are Parts Geek parts good? We can see that this company receives many positive feedbacks. While some complaints may occur, the problem is primarily due to a damaged box caused by the carrier. However, if that happens, you can call the customer service for help.

Is Parts Geek Worth It?

We believe they are worth it. The worthiness comes from their considerable collection. When we scroll through hundreds of customer reviews, some of them turn out to know this company cause they search for rare products that other companies don’t have.

Parts Geek Review: Is Parts Geek Worth It?

In addition to their vast inventory, all products from this company are proven high quality. On top of that, it also comes at an affordable price. Thus, you don’t need to wait for a month or years to repair your car.

Parts Geek Shipping Policy

This brand ships to the continental 48 of the United States only. Some products shipped by air freight can ship to Alaska and Hawaii. However, they cannot ship their products to the company or hotel address. The tracking will be emailed to you within 1-3 business days.

Furthermore, you’ll find some products have free shipping, but some are not. Most standard shipping is delivered within 3-7 business days shipping time. For more shipping information, contact customer service or visit their Shipping Policy.

Parts Geek Return Policy

This company has a 30-day return policy. However, before initiating a return, you must receive the RMA number by visiting Manage My Order and filling in the order number and email address. Further, the company will send you the RMA number through email.

However, this company can’t accept any opened electrical and electronic parts. For more information about the return, please check their Return Policy. Or else, you can contact their customer service for assistance.

How To Contact Parts Geek

Should you face any problems, you can contact this company’s customer service. See the contact details in the following list:

  • Phone number: 1-800-541-9352
  • Live chat: Below on the website

Company Address

Doylestown, PA 18902

Where to buy Parts Geek?

There are numerous ways to get the products from Parts Geek. If you want to know how, we have already listed all the ways in the following list:

Parts Geek Coupon Codes & Promos

Is there any coupon code 2024 available on their website? Let’s find the answer by delving into their available deals below. See them closer!

  • Subscribe to their newsletter and get discount codes, coupon free shipping, and other exclusive offer
  • Always save up to 80% OFF all products

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Parts Geek

Parts Geek Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Parts Geek reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the owner of Parts Geek?

It’s hard to get the information about their owner, but we find that Jon Sinclair is the president and COO of this company.

How long does it take to get parts from Parts Geek?

It is approximately 3-7 business days.

Is Parts Geek any good?

Parts Geek is undoubtedly a good company. Aside from delivering a high-quality product at an affordable price, they have also been accredited A+ by BBB.

Where is Parts Geek from?

So, the location of the company headquarters at Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Parts Geek Reviews & Ratings

In conclusion, Parts Geek truly takes their ‘The Dealer Alternative’ very seriously. This company can be an ideal backup for everyone looking for high-quality car auto parts at lower prices. With their massive collections, we believe you can quickly get what you searched for.

Moreover, this company also has an impressive service. It ensures that their customer service is responsive and their shipping delivery is as quick as possible. Thus, what are you waiting for? Get your car parts now by visiting their website!


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